Guess Who Won the Liebster Award

During this past week, I was nominated for my very first award as a blogger. This prestigious award, Liebster Award, is for newbies like myself.

I am grateful for this peer recognition so please join me in delivering a very big applause to my nominator, Erin Sears at Lil’ Paper Crumbs. Erin is a wife, mother of three adorable boys, and a passionate blogger. She provides inspiration to her family, followers, and fellow bloggers by always lifting others up whether it is teaching life lessons to her boys, making paper crafts, cooking those wonderful dinners, nominating others, or through her words that travels many miles over the internet into our homes. Kudos to Erin. We love you and keep up the great work!

 We rise by lifting others. – Robert G. Ingersoll

Here Goes My Spotlight:

My husband and friends have often wondered, how did I become a lifestyle blogger because I dislike taking pictures and talking about myself. Isn’t that role about highlighting yourself and your activities…hmmm. I guess in a way it is, but mostly it is about sharing. In my blog, I share your stories and a little of my stories. I strive to help others realize their best sides and greatest potential. So believe it or not, I try not to focus on me but on you! So today, as I go through this task of accepting this award, I have to put the spotlight on myself. So Here Goes My Spotlight…we are in this together, for better or for worse. (smiling)

Official Rules

Official Rules

The following are eleven questions that my nominator asked of me:

  1. What is your blog’s title and why? The name of my blog is called Rx for Financial Fitness. Cleverly, my mother came up with the name for my blog. I am not quite sure that my mother knows what a blog is but she is a big supporter of mine so when I tossed around blog names, she was there with her expert advice that always seems to fit perfectly. A prescription is a written order to do something. Generally speaking, it is an authoritative guideline. The mission of my blog is to develop a community of people who strive to make financially sound decisions, which can be done through better education and more personal financial awareness.
  2. What is the most important thing/person/relationship in your life? I would say that the most important relationships in my life are with my family. Being a daughter, wife, and, mother, it is hard to point to just one because each of these roles that I have assumed has shaped me. These roles have brought me joy, pain, laughter, the best times of my life, the hardest lessons that I have ever learned, and have prepared me for the hardest lessons to come. My relationship with my parents, husband, and daughter are complex, endearing, and crazy. As I think about them, one of my favorite movies comes to mind – Terms of Endearment staring Shirley MacLaine. In the end, we all love differently and at different strengths. All I hope to gain is a heart still filled with so much love!
  3. If you could give a new blogger any advice, what would it be? Read, Read, and Read Some More. Since launching my blog, I have read more than ever. I thought that I would be writing more, but it is just the opposite. I read industry articles to stay current on all the financial trends. I read the news to stay abreast of current events. I read other bloggers’ sites because as I am gaining my own voice, it actually helps me to stand out from them. Also, in the beginning you need to read other bloggers’ material because you want to learn how to blog, how to write, how to post, and how to communicate with your readers. We have all different audiences so it isn’t about competition. Read your fans’ Facebook pages. I have learned that if I wanted my followers to be engaged with me then I first needed to read their pages to be engaged with them.
  4. What do you hope to gain from blogging? My blog is about a journey. It is the journey to a debt-free life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be debt free more than anything. When I think about the day that I will be free of a mortgage and student loan payments, car loans, and credit card debt, it almost makes me shout. But as excited as I am about this day, I am so elated about this new journey I have embarked upon and the numerous practices that I have experienced, things that I have learned, and the acquaintances that I have made along the way. As I have said it, it is about sharing a lot of you and a little bit of me! At the end of the day, we have learned so much from each other!
  5. Where do you see your blog in 1 year? In a year, I hope to have connected with at least 2,000 people who have liked my content and are regular visitors to my site. I want Rx for Financial Fitness to be the buzz of the internet.
  6. Do you have a vision statement for your blog? If so, what is it? The mission of my blog is to develop a community of people who strive to make financially sound decisions, which can be done through better education and more personal financial awareness. The vision is that we will become financially fit together.
  7. Tell me 1 funny thing about you! Well besides for the fact that I look funny. I think that I have a good sense of humor. I can find a silver lining in a dark moment and I embrace those laugh out loud moments. Sometimes that is not always good because I might be the one laughing when everyone else is crying. How do you explain when someone is laying on the ground? This is when you find yourself saying, “I promise that I am compassionate.” Okay, I admit it, my attempt at humor is funny (smiling). Also I take compliments very badly. My friends tell me that when they give me a compliment, I say, “Don’t even try it.”
  8. How do you feel this award helps fellow bloggers? Like receiving any award, The Liebster Award is inspiring and motivating. For years, the only people that have been my cheerleaders have been my family so sometimes it is good to know others appreciate your hard work and diligence. Blogging is very fun, but it is a lot of work. What I like the most is when I write something well and others get it. That aha moment is fantastic. Receiving an award is similar to this moment, someone else got what I was trying to put out into the world. This realization helps keep you going.
  9. What is your main topic on your blog? The main topic of my blog is personal finance. Money affects our lives in all possible ways. It affects the house we live in, food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the way we choose to travel, the friends we hang out with, the education we receive, and the college we attend down to the lifestyle we lead during our retirement years. On my blog, we discuss all of these issues. I want to get to the point that my readers open up the dialogue and tell me what they want to hear. Begin a blog, the writer is the main person talking. So this leads me to you next question…
  10. If you could ask me for advice about your blog. What would the question be? My questions are…How do you get your readers to begin those conversations? Is it the design of your blog or the organization? Does it depend on the topic? What tips can I use to successfully engage my audience?
  11. Last but not least. . . . what is your favorite thing to blog about? On this last question, I will say life. I blog to add to my life and to add to your life. The best part of blogging is that it is empowering. The writer is empowered because you get to share ideas, knowledge and hope with others. The reader is empowered because they have obtained the information that they sought in order to make better informed decisions in their financial life.

Thank you to my friends, family and especially readers for helping with the creation and survival of Rx for Financial Fitness. I am grateful for your loyalty and humbled by this award.

Stick around the best is yet to come! Oh by the way, can I add an impassioned plea for comments. That is my wish for 2014.

thank you


6 Responses

  1. Catherine Turner says:

    Congratulations!! Each one of your articles has empowering content, I think your blog will continue to grow. Keep up the great topic ideas.

    • Lisa Rioux says:

      Thank you so much for your encourage. You are correct empowering others is one of the most important acts of kindness one can do for another person. All Smiles, Lisa

  2. Erin Sears says:

    Thank you so much, Lisa! The kind way that you described me to your readers, was so touching! As for your questions of advice. I too struggle with getting reader response. It seems that nowadays people are just so busy. But the one thing that I have found that helps is. . . . To post comments on fellow bloggers sites. I hope that helps.

    • Lisa Rioux says:

      You are deserving of this praise. Thank you again for your nomination and advice. It truly was a boost to my confidence as a writer. Sincerely, Lisa

  3. Ralph says:

    Congratulations on the award.I look forward to reading more.

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