Bring the Stars Home With You

filmstripSome people like the movie-going experience while other people like watching a movie in their pajamas. There is something to be said for big screen viewing; however, watching a movie at home is really cozy and besides that, you can rewind and listen to what you’d like to see/listen again. It depends on the person, and sometimes it just depends on the day. Surely personal opinions play into this decision. Most people rush out to see a long-anticipated movie, and many simply enjoy getting out of the house.

But with the economy tanking, looking at your finances might be the overriding consideration.

One of my biggest savings was renting movies versus going out to the movie theater. This will not only save on the cost of entertainment, but will also likely save a great deal on snack food items that may be purchased at the theater. Movie tickets can range from $10 to $15 per adult, but a simple trip to the movie kiosk such as Redbox cost as little as $1.25. If you choose to stay on your couch, you can even rent online for as low as $2.95 through companies like Netflix. Sometimes free movies come with your cable subscriptions. This is an easy choice if you are looking for extra ways to trim the fat without sacrificing the experience.


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