About Me

My name is Lisa Rioux. I have enjoyed a 20 year career in local government and am currently the managing director of A Balanced Approach Credit Service, LLC, which specializes in credit restoration. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Management and am currently working on my Master’s.

I am an advocate for better credit education and strive to help others obtain a debt-free living. Credit impacts everyone’s lives and to be able to help someone reach their goal of home ownership, saving for a first car, or anything else credit related is a great feeling. As a lifestyle blogger, Rx for Financial Fitness was created to provide an avenue for savvy consumers to discuss money saving tips, productivity and penny-wise living ideas, and personal finance guidance. I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning.

I think that one of the key things that separates successful people from others is the fact that they never stop learning. I’m constantly surprised at what I learn, even about financial concepts like budgeting or paying off debt.

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[column size=”one-half” last=”true”]Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. This is a passion of mine – meeting new people, sharing ideas and stories, and helping others reach their goals. So please, feel free to share your prescription of financial success with all of us. No triumph is too small to celebrate, so please share what is on your mind![/column]
You know how going to the gym with a friend is more fun than going alone? That is the same when handling finances. So Let’s Get Financial Fit Together!!