50 Foolproof Ways to Help You Cut Your Expenses

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] realize that this is a financial fitness blog, but please indulge me for a moment. I would like to begin this article by sharing one of my favorite movies starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray. This 1991 comedy is called What About Bob? The movie is so funny. It is one the few movies that every time that I watch it, I have uncontrollable fits of laughter.

[column size=”one-half”]Bill Murray’s character suffers from multiple phobias, which leads him to seek the help of a new psychiatrist who is played by Richard Dreyfuss. His role is far from the oceanographer role that he played in Jaws; but his performance is still moving. After an initial session, Dreyfuss’ character has to leave for vacation. Dreyfuss is the author of a new book, Baby Steps that he provides to his patients to follow. The fictitious book is supposed to be a toolbox for self-assessment and growth. As things go, Murray’s character cannot cope alone so he follows the psychiatrist from New York to New Hampshire because he has attached himself to Dreyfuss and his family.[/column]

[column size=”one-half” last=”true”]As I began crafting this article, Baby Steps came to mind. [pullquote-right]Ironically, this ficitious book was my inspiration as I initially took baby steps, not to overcome any phobias or anxiety issues, but to free myself from debt.[/pullquote-right] We all have to start somewhere. We start by focusing on the immediate present — the next steps that present themselves to us each day and make sure, with each baby step, that we are following our set plan or goals – this is usually our budget or financial plan.[/column]
The following list is a compilation of life experiences and research to become debt-free. Not everything on the list will apply to everyone, but hopefully you can find inspiration to try a few strategies or reply with your own surefire tips to reduce your expenses.

  1. Assess How Much You Are Paying in Banking Fees…read article
  2. Slash Your Grocery Bill By Planting a Garden…read article
  3. Start Shopping for New Lighting…read article
  4. Grilling It…read article
  5. Reduce Your Food Costs and Waste… read article
  6. Bring the Stars Home With You…read article
  7. Slash Your Insurance Costs …read article
  8. Ensure Your Vehicle is Winter Ready…read article
  9. Shop On the Right Days…read article
  10. Use a Christmas Club Account…read article
  11. Turn off Your Television…read article
  12. Unplug Your Appliances…read article
  13. Stay Tuned for More Foolproof Strategies – Next on December 15, 2014

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